Whitening Triple Effect Mist

Whitening Triple Effect Mist


This formula provides three functions. It supplies abundant moisture to your skin, blocks UVA rays (SPF8), as well as having wrinkle improvement and whitening effect. The light and minute moisture particles in the formula deliver abundant moisture and a cooling sensation to the skin, giving vitality to any tired skin. Lecithin, one of the skin structural elements, maintains moisture for a long time. This product is easy to carry and is absorbed into the skin without any stickiness. Furthermore, it helps to protect the skin against the external harmful environment such as fine dust, yellow sand, etc.

How to use:

  • Dry off after wash or shave

  • Close eyes and spray proper amount about 20-30 cm away. (to maximise skin moisturising, it would be better to use within 3 minutes after cleansing)

  • Tap gently after spraying for more effectiveness

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