Whitening Men Therapy Mask

Whitening Men Therapy Mask


Neroli & Jasmine – Neroli, which provides vitality through fresh scent and jasmine, which is effective in refreshing one’s emotions, bring synergy effect by delivering energy to men roughened and dark skin, and is a healing mask sheet that helps the body relax as it is rich in pure aroma essential oil, and not artificial scent while Niacinamide helps improve men’s dull skin.

Eco-silk Cellulose Sheet

Cellulose sheet, derived from skin-friendly cottonseed, provides soft texture and outstanding attachment, and nourishes skin thoroughly.

How to use

  • Wipe out dampness after cleaning

  • Take out the sheet after opening the pouch, and attach it well to the eyes and lip areas

  • Take off the mask after about 10 – 20 minutes, and lightly tap the remaining essence to help it be fully absorbed (it’s even more effective when you relax while enjoying the aroma oil scent in comfortable posture while using the mask sheet)

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