Sebum Strike Toner

Sebum Strike Toner


The Sebum Strike Toner by MDOC is formulated specially to care for skin that are prone to acne and manages pores. It is excellent in absorbing excess sebum. This prevents acne and other various skin problems, leaving behind clean and smooth skin. Tea tree oil in this formula also maintains the oil and moisture balance to calm skin problems for a smoother and healthier skin texture. Start taking care of your skin and complexion with the basic steps with MDOC Sebum Strike Toner today.

How to use:

  • Dry off after wash after wash or shave

  • Shake well to mix

  • Put size of a quarter on the palm and apply to entire face outwards and neck from top-down

  • Tap gently on the face to absorb with palm of the hand giving light tension to the face

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