Relief Body Perfume Mist-Musk

Relief Body Perfume Mist-Musk


All over perfume mist with a fresh and light first scent that delights people and leaves a sense of comfort by leaving the soft scent of musk.

It helps eliminate airborne and textile unpleasant smell, leaving a scent of comfort. It enables the user to leave unique scent that is not strong or weak, and can be used in the air, textile, shoes or bags.

How to use

Let it absorb by spraying a moderate amount after a shower or when changing moods, recommend spraying around the area where pulse is beating according to the duration time of scent.

  • It can be used not only on body skin but also on other areas including textile and shoes.

  • Please not that the fragrance may leave stains on silk, leather or white-color clothes.

Content: 80ml

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