Sunshine UV Solution Stick

Sunshine UV Solution Stick


Solution to Rejuvenated Skin! Block UV rays without having to apply with your hands! Sun care stick with both perfume effect and light powder effect

As a sun care stick with UV block + perfume + powder effects, it is a sun care stick that can be applied without having to apply with your hands. It also has elegant scent so that you don't have to apply perfume separately, and is attached to the skin lightly as if you've used powder. It attaches to skin well and can be easily used by all skin types as it does not have glossiness even when applied multiple times. As it is easily portable and easy to use, it is great not only for face but also for the body, and enables skin protection by sustainably blocking UV rays whenever you are.

How to use
Open the cap and twist the lower part so that appropriate amount of the product sticks out, and apply smoothly to areas that need UV block. As a powder type, it can be applied multiply without leaving glossiness.* Considering the texture of the stick, please use the product with less than 1cm of the product sticking out.

Content: 20g

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