Style Pomax

Style Pomax


Finishing a professional-looking hair style with cleansing capability as well as strong holding and outstanding application

A combination of strong holding capability of the wax and soft application of the pomade helps organize the hair, and is a water
-type pomade wax that enables easy styling. Helps maintain healthy and moist hair by hydrating the hair that has been irritated with frequent styling. (Fresh and citrus scent provides refreshments / Outstanding cleansing capability)
How to use
1. Dry hair with dryer after shampoo to get ready for styling.

2. Apply appropriate amount of pomax onto the hands, and apply thoroughly to the hair after rubbing the hands.

3. Use comb or fingertips to finish natural styling.(Finish off with MdoC Hair& Scalp Care! Fixing Spray for long-lasting hair style.)

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