Signature Eau De Parfum Roll-On

Signature Eau De Parfum Roll-On



As representative fragrance, symbolizing MdoC brand identity, MdoC SIGNATURE EAU DE PARFUM attracts both men and women since it is contained in unique bottle (metal+glass) that fully express MdoC arm band design style! Combination of baie rose, bergamot and lavender of Top note, delivers emotional masculinity. From Middle note, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Tonka Beans and Lily of the valley deliver warmth and conformability of the nature. Thus, this perfume can fully satisfy the men who use the perfume for the first time as well as perfume mania.

*Containing more than 20% of fragrance, made in France

How to use

  1. Spray the perfume 1~2 times to behind of the ear or wrist where pulse beating area

  2. As the fragrance moves from the bottom to the top, spray the perfume inside of trousers. Then you may feel gracious fragrance according to the movement

  3. Be careful to use directly to the cloth because the perfume can leave the stain on silk, leather or white clothes

Content: 8ml

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