Style Hair Fixing Spray

Style Hair Fixing Spray


Essential for finishing hair style! Water-type spray to make perfect style with strong setting effect

Hair spray boasting super strong setting, fast fixing ability to finish fixed look. It is effective in not only fixing the entire hair but also partially. It can calm down side hair and messy hair. Water-type spray with no gas helps enable safe use. Containing patented GREENOL substance to protect scalp, it is effective in maintaining healthy scalp and hair.

*Contains patented substance (GREENOL): Patent No. 10-0820010

helps protect skin and scalp, as it contains Lavender, Bergamot, Freesia, Chamomile and Rosemary. Prevent oxidation as it contains herb, cosmetic substances.

How to use

After making basic styling, spray to target areas 5-10cm away from hair to finish hair styling.

  • Close the cap after use .

  • When the contents dry in the nozzle, it may not spray well. In this case, please detach the button first. Next, please soak into warm water for a while. After drying completely, you can use it by connecting with the pump again.

150 ml

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