Anti Wrinkle Skin Plus Lotion

Anti Wrinkle Skin Plus Lotion


Helps enhance skin elasticity and wrinkles in One Shot! One Kill! All-in-one!

Anti-wrinkle functional all-in-one product that has the effects of both skin and lotion. Its plant-oriented soothing ingredient (MultiEX BSASM) helps take care of the skin wall to enhance skin stress after cleansing and shaving, and provides deep hydration to men's skin that can easily be dehydrated and thus be roughened. It is most appropriate for men who are not fond of oily texture, and it can revitalize your skin to fight wrinkles.

How to use

1. Dry off after wash or shave

2. Put size of a quarter on the palm and apply to entire face outwards and neck from top-down

3. Tap your face with your hands lightly to help product absorption and give tension to the skin

Content: 150ml

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