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Cosmetic company specialized only for men is very rare in the whole world and it is hard to get across especially in Korea. Only the selected few have interests and purchase products.

However, men have become very interested in beauty lately. Men's cosmetic lineup has become more specified and increased from regular toner and lotion to foam cleanser, mask pack, peeling products, sebum controlling serum, and many others. As the interests in men's cosmetic has grown steadily over the years, it has become more specialized and broken down into various lines in the market.

MdoC™ has reflected on these facts and launched MdoC™, high quality men's products, after prolonged research with the biggest domestic cosmetic lab. Most of men's cosmetics are started off from women's formulation. Considering men's life style and skin conditions, cosmetics have to be developed targeted only for men and different from the women's. 



MdoC was created using ‘M’ from the word ‘Men’ and by combining ‘℃’ meaning temperature, men’s passion for love and work. The passion and desire to develop high quality products using high technology through endless research and study will not fade away.


JTAM product contains innovative patented components for antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effects, made of peel of tangerine (local product) produced only in Jeju island, and ginger. JTAM is compound word of J of jinpi, symbol of tangerine peel and TAM of TAMRA, old name of Jeju Island. Thus, it delivers clean energy of pure island of Jeju.


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